abstrakte Kreise

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abstrakte Kreise


... "Above us so high and below us so low !!! oh I quiver, oh I float and it all hangs askew..."

( Ti-Tho " Elephantenjäger " )

We are real, we are loud and full of sounds. We are both extremely friendly and sexy and we love it when the sun is shining outside and inside, while we are swallowed by our dark studio. We don't believe everything, but true fans get rewarded, like olympic champions, because we permanently reinvent ourselves and no one has to search for long! "Wir sind fantastisch, mindestens elefantastisch"

( marisRP " Wir sind " )

In the morning, we are pretty slow, but this is caught up again in BPM and anyway it`s only due to the speed of the turntable in our stomach - "...spürst Du das auch?"

( marisRP " Kiss " )

All is natural and always proportional to our inner size - to the power of 2. We've lost each other so many times 😢 😩 but we always wanted to see each other again - and that's how it all started.

( JA " Wiedersehen" )

We are completely different, which is especially audible in the vocal parts - mostly we play each other up to play each other back in the final mix.


By the way, our star stands on a playground -

So we can't stop playing

… for you

abstrakte Kreise

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